Add 6 FIGURES to Your Business
Make a Bigger Difference and Earn More with Less Hands‑On
as you Scale Confidently with a Team or Group Programs
Mentoring, Support and Training so you can go to a New Level in your business success

6 Figure Business Mastery supports massage and health professionals to confidently grow their impact, wealth and freedom with a one‑to‑many model

Do you want to feel more CONFIDENT and SUPPORTED as you achieve goals you've ONLY EVER DREAMED OF?

"I feel like I'm reaching my limits..."

I get it. When I was first setting up my practice I spent YEARS figuring out the basics.

You know, the stuff like how to get clients, make money, pay the bills.

WHEN I eventually learned all that (and got good at it)...

I discovered there was a NEW challenge - I felt like I was BUSIER than ever, and EVERYTHING in my business relied on ME to keep going.

I was deep in the "Treatments Trap" and chained to my table.

I struggled to spend enough time with my husband and two young kids. 

Self-care or connecting with friends were even more of a challenge.

And to top it off, I knew that if I ever got sick or took too much time off, the whole thing would fall apart.

"How do you change this?"

I had some ideas of what I wanted, but I couldn't see HOW to get there.

I felt I wanted to achieve things like:

💰 Make a steadier income
🗓️ Be more consistent
🙌 Grow with confidence
🤩 Become better known locally
💗 And have a lifestyle that supported what I wanted to achieve both INSIDE and OUTSIDE by business.

BUT I found that my experience to that point did NOT help me with any of the practical things that I thought might make that happen:

❌ Hire people
❌ Lead a team
❌ Understand money
❌ Think outside the square
❌ Teach anyone anything
❌ Plan for changes (like renting a bigger clinic)
❌ Do anything other than "just massage"

So I felt like I was back at square one, having to constantly push through my own limitations to make ends meet

And with no real pathway get to where I wanted to be.

You probably already know the truth,

That doing "NEW" things in your business is ALWAYS uncomfortable...

If it was inside your comfort zone then it wouldn't lead to growth!

I could have kept comfortable by telling myself that my business was "good enough" at that point...

But after a while, "good enough" wasn't good enough any more.

And for me, maybe like you, I knew I wanted to experience NEW levels of achievement and fulfilment.

"So what did you actually do?"

Well, back then I basically went through what I call a "UTM" (aka an Undie Tightening Moment)

And I hired my first team member.

I had no idea what I was doing... and that was proven when it really didn't work well for him OR me.

After 12 months he still only had 1 regular client!

(As much my fault as his. Like I said, I had no idea.)

I figured out hiring and created a successful team

Yes, I am very happy to report that I DID FIGURE IT OUT!

I made a bunch of mistakes along the way but I'm proud of the actions I took...

I changed the way I hired and trained my staff...

I improved my finances and systems behind the scenes of the business...

And I got help from a local business coach who ran a small business training and support group.

Her program wasn't perfect because none of them had experience in my industry,

But it opened me up to new possibilities I hadn't seen before.

And it transformed my way of thinking

What I learned was how to think more like a "business person" and it inspired me to work on myself and keep going through my challenges.

And after all of that I made it to my dream clinic: 3 treatment rooms, various modalities, seeing over 100 clients each week, and turning over multiple 6 figures.

AND it completely changed my experience of life.

The income was one thing... it felt really good to buy nice things for my kids, and presents for my Mum when she visited

Plus the impact... I found myself making a bigger difference in my community than ever before, through our clients and a broader ripple effect 

And the freedom... I had so much CHOICE! I could take time off, pick my kids up from school, and no longer work public holidays if I didn't want to

But BY FAR the biggest impact for me was the CONFIDENCE I gained as I grew. Because that changed me in a much deeper way...

How I added another 6 Figures in a different way

After running my clinic for years, turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars each year – I have to say I got pretty good at that.

And I enjoyed it!

Then I began doing teaching and training.

First I taught massage at TAFE College level.

And then I developed my own online courses and programs teaching people the success strategies I had discovered for my own business.

My courses were incredibly popular right off the bat as therapists found them so easy and useful to SHORTCUT their own journey to success!

And here's the weird and AWESOME thing...

I found that my upgraded thinking and experience meant I added more than 6 Figures of ADDITIONAL income to my business, with my courses and programs.

The THREE most important lessons from this

FIRST: It is WAAAAY easier to grow when you have a mentor to walk beside you, a roadmap to follow, and you're surrounded by a support community of people who are on the same journey,

SECOND: The INTERNAL growth I experienced along the way was just as exciting and powerful as the BUSINESS growth,

And THIRD: Scaling to use ONE‑TO‑MANY in my business was actually EASIER than what I did by myself, once I knew how to do it!
The results meant I could help more people, while working less hours AND making more money

And you can do any of this too!

If you want to 😊

In fact, this is WHY I created this 12-month mentoring accelerator SPECIFICALLY to help you do ANY (or all) of these steps for yourself.

So I call this "6 Figure Business Mastery" and it is my deepest, most connected and specialised coaching program, and it gets the biggest results out of anything I do.

What is "6 Figure" all about?

Here it is: It's about maximising your growth and supporting you to get to your goals more quickly and easily.

Especially if you want to scale and add a "one‑to‑many" aspect to your business.

I mean: teams - group events - or online courses.

And I do it by giving you EVERYTHING I discovered for myself when I took that journey!

I'll show you WHO 6 Figure is for and exactly HOW it works a little later...

But first I want to start with one of the UN-sexy and surprising (yet most powerful) benefits that my clients get as they start this program.

It is:

Filling gaps and revealing blind spots

So here's the thing. When we add one‑to‑many to your business, it MULTIPLIES your results.

This means you can impact more people and make more money in the process... pretty cool.

But it ALSO means that if there are PROBLEMS with your business, they'll be amplified too, as you grow! Eek 😬

So no matter level you are at right now we'll make sure your business foundations are rock-solid.

I'll give you access to the custom frameworks we have created to change the game for you around time management, pricing, income streams, efficiency and achieving your unique goals.

We fill gaps and reveal blind spots.

This might not sound sexy,

BUT these behind-the-scenes adjustments will improve client experience, create better health outcomes, make your business easier to run, and maximise your income using the value you offer,

(Even while you're a solo practitioner.)

Plus of course we'll dive into YOU as a person, and tap into your authentic strengths to produce more clarity and confidence in yourself.

CASE STUDY: Steven Bowden

As a new massage grad, Steven created a business that turns over multiple 6 figures doing heart‑centred mindset & body work 

A simple way to include a "kind of" one‑to‑many model in a massage business is to hire other people to do more massage!

So I also help people who want to:

Scale Option 1: Lead a team

It's simple to understand and it can work well.

And leading a connected and committed team can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

BUT finding the right team members can be hard...

And there's the questions around making them employees or independent contractors...

And THEN many business owners find that LEADING the team once you have them is the most challenging part of all.

It can be difficult to know how to handle demands or conflict when they happen, and to keep your business a safe and fun place to work at (for everyone, including you!)

So we have created a training pathway within 6 Figure specifically to guide you through the hiring process from start to finish, and to raise your standard as a leader.

It works whether you are looking at your first hire, or already have a team and want to make it work better!

CASE STUDY: Jasmine Barnard

Hired 6 staff, created a connected team culture, and more than doubled her monthly revenue – all during a global pandemic!

Whether or not you have a team, as your experience grows it can be a natural next step to want to SHARE your wisdom with others!

Plus, nothing says "expert" like speaking in front of a group.

Which is why I also help people who are:

Scale Option 2: Group Programs, Live or Online

For me, I started out with "partner massage" workshops and what we called "Bellarine Health Seminars" (I live in "The Bellarine").

Since then I've run many business training events live and online, some with small groups and others with 100+ attendees.

And therapists I mentor run amazing in-person events too, including weekend retreats and training workshops for other practitioners.

I've got to say that in-person group work is great fun and I LOVE it...

And ONLINE programs can be EVEN MORE rewarding!

High-value online programs are the most powerful one‑to‑many way I have found to add income to your business without relying on in‑person treatments.

6 Figure includes step-by-step training pathways revealing how to do ALL of this which I share openly, with incredible behind-the-scenes access to our own events and online campaigns.

CASE STUDY: Christine Knox

This passionate Hot Stones massage therapist built unique online training program – and completely changed the game for her business!

Now right now I know what you might be thinking...

"Wow that all sounds like a lot of work! I don't want to do ALL that!!"

Well take it easy, because: Not everyone does ALL the pathways!

Your pathway is unique

Teams – live workshops – online programs... most of my members want to do ONE or maybe TWO of them at most.

Some are happy to simply maximise their experience of running a solo practice without anything extra at all.

That's okay... in fact it's expected!

Clients who step into my 6 Figure mentoring program have access to ALL the pathways,

But to make sure progress is FAST and CLEAR we sit down together right at the start and map our your unique plan.

This means your pathway is customised so can get to YOUR dream business in the shortest "straight line" possible for you.

CASE STUDY: Mina Garas

Mina felt stuck when he was working by himself… but when he made some courageous changes in his business it went from $300 to $6000 per week!

Okay cool! So tell me more about joining
"6 Figure Business Mastery"!
Well, the very first thing you need to know is...
This is NOT a public program
The connection and support of the entire group plays a HUGE part in the experience and success of every member.

And it's a long-term, deep commitment from US and YOU!

What this means is: I or one of my team speak with every potential member in depth before starting, to see if we will be a good fit for each other.

If you'd like to have that conversation, click "Let's Connect" to apply now.
Sweet! Now that you know all that...

Let's go through some of the details you might need.

Who is this for?

6 Figure Business Mastery is right for you if:

✅ You have a big vision and want support and guidance as you grow...

✅ You want to be part of a connected group of like-minded and like-hearted "massage buddies"...

✅ You are ready to fall in love with the journey and celebrate success...

✅ You want to follow the map from someone who's already been there...

✅ You know that if you KNEW the right steps that lead to your dream business, you would do them!

This is ONLY for people who are willing to play the game... there are no spectators in our group!

Mya Stevens grew her income by 6X

Personal growth leads to a team of staff across 2 locations

Now runs a workshop and online course

Already grown by 15 clients per week

“To get it all in one place is amazing”

Catherine doubled her income in 6 months

These Modalities are welcome:

  • Massage
  • Myotherapy
  • ​Osteopathy
  • ​Spa professional
  • Bowen
  • Kinesiology
  • ​Nutrition
  • ​Fitness and PT
  • Relaxation
  • Esthetics
  • ​Other bodywork
  • Any health or wellness practice!

However, it is less about the style of practice that you have... and more about your vision and heart.

If you have a big vision for growth AND a heart for the people you serve, then you will fit in just fine!

Finding success by being with like minded people

Clarity of goals lead to sustainable success

Just needed the push to get unstuck

What outcomes will I get?

Our goal is to create a Deeply Rewarding Business which gives you:

🟢 Organic Wealth
- as greater income is created naturally
🟢 Rippling Impact - so you can help more people
🟢 Empowering Freedom - so you have more time and energy for the things you love, and you're no longer chained to your business

BUT - the pathway each member chooses in order to get there can vary! So we customise your project goals right at the start.

Practical outcomes along the way may look like:

Be more consistent and "fully booked"
Feel confident in business
Create more profit
Get easier business systems so they can have more time off
Feel more supported by a community around them
Set a strong foundation for the next steps of growth

Hire a team
Or manage a team they already have
Create a more aligned team culture
Have more confidence in their own leadership
Know how to handle challenging situations
Create profit from their team from day 1

Run their first workshop or class at full capacity
Create a training that is effective and fun
Improve their speaking skills
Know how to make events profitable and popular
Provide amazing experiences for attendees

Design and build their online program or course
Discover how to market and sell it successfully
Use small online programs as an additional income and value-add
Or create a high-value transformational program as a new pillar in their business

Of course, like with any training or education, I can't guarantee what results you'll get because I don't know what you're planning to do with it yet, and I have no control over whether or not you'll do the work.

But we do put everything in place to make it as easy and fast as possible, and we support you the whole way (with maybe an occasional kick in the bum to get moving if needed!)

Turnover up by 60% despite Covid shutdown

Hired 4 staff and moved to a professional clinic space

Doubled weekly revenue and found support for business and life

Being around like-minded therapists creates long-term success

Confidently achieving the next level with the right guidance

Increasing certainty has created huge gains

CASE STUDY: Becca Grant

Becca was struggling with less than 10 clients a week but used the 6 Figure framework to become fully booked, hire a team, and expand her horizons

How does it work?

A Unique Transformational Program, Designed and Delivered by World-Class Mentors

SOLID: Elicia and James have decades of experience in business PLUS over 12 years combined mentoring massage and health professionals.

SPECIFIC: "6 Figure" is the ONLY business mentoring program that is created by experienced and fully qualified trainers, who have worked in the massage industry for decades and taught massage and business skills for higher education and privately, to thousands of practitioners worldwide.

FUN: Not only do you receive the skills and tactics needed to improve your business results and confidence but you get to be part of a fun and supportive community of like-minded and like-hearted members.
Kristy Rackham
Elicia and James Crook
Business Coaches for Massage and Health Professionals
12 Months in an accelerated growth environment with personal mentoring


  • A deeply customised "kick-off" session to set your 12-month goals and monthly steps
  • ​Scheduled monthly "Calibration" calls to check your progress and adjust your plan
  • ​Weekly live group coaching calls throughout the program so you can stay motivated and clear
  • Personal feedback and answers to any questions you have in our private Facebook group or by direct message


  • Being with like-minded and like-hearted people builds momentum and inspiration - and is FUN!
  • A private Facebook group for your weekly steps, feedback and connection
  • Live calls allow you to connect with the whole group as well as Elicia and James
  • ​4 Retreats each year provide deep connection and inspired learning – available in person and online


  • Specific step-by-step training pathways for Solo Therapists, Teams, Group Events, and Online Programs
  • ​Practical and clear videos guide you through each module so you can easily follow along
  • Simple instructions which break down complicated ideas into small steps so you can take action easily
  • Specific training to show you exactly how to do everything you you need in order to achieve your chosen goals
Live Retreats are an incredibly popular part of the program

4 Retreats each year provide deep connection and inspired learning – and our unique hybrid model provides a meaningful experience for attendees in person or online

These elements together provide everything required for incredible connection and growth

Finding direction that she wants by being with the right tribe

Stepped into her expertise and made an online course for lymphatic treatment

Improved confidence created a supportive and profitable team

Created a niche online program to help people around the globe

Gaining the confidence to set up a brighter future

Changed mindset to push forward in business

Is this right for me right now?

It is the right time if:

✅ You are ready to accept help (or learn how to accept help)

✅ You want to have your steps planned in advance so you can start taking action immediately

✅ You are ready to commit to your vision and to doing the work required to get there

✅ You have a yearning for "something more" and want to meet your deeper values

This is NOT for you if:

❌ You are not willing to do the steps required to reach your goals

❌ You want to feel safe and comfortable for your entire life and never step out of your comfort zone

❌ You have stopped caring about your dreams 

❌ You are only in business to make money

❌ You want to ignore the calling you have on your life

Bec went from 5 to 19 clients per week

Yvette achieved “6 Figures” and is halfway to the next

Became “Fully Booked” and moved into a brand new 3-room clinic

CASE STUDY - Gemma Dustin

With a nursing background and clinical practice, Gemma learned how to use a values-based approach to create her dream team and maintain time for her family

Okay, so the FINAL thing you might want to see is...
"6 FIGURE BUSINESS MASTERY" is an incredible experience that will grow your business and your self.

It gets the BIGGEST results of any of the programs I run, and it is the most CONNECTED. And it needs the biggest investment as well. (Completely worth it.)

We limit our membership numbers because this is such a hands-on group... so the only way in is to apply, and we'll speak by phone to see if or how we can help you, and go through the details.

Game-changing accelerator program. Inspiring and supportive community. 12 months coaching with Elicia and James.

Fully Booked Without Burnout
Together, Elicia and James Crook are business coaches, trainers, authors and mentors to hundreds of massage and health professionals.

They have a passion to change lives and impact the health of the world by empowering health professionals to serve.
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Elicia Crook is a business coach and mentor, sharing the tactics she used to create her business success over 16 years.

Elicia grew her massage business from where she started – working on family and friends in her lounge room – to at one point having a clinic with nine staff and doing 100+ treatments per week across the team.

Elicia is a Diploma qualified remedial massage therapist as well as using modalities such as Bowen and Craniosacral, and has a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment which she used while teaching massage for several years.

Through her career and business experience (and by making many mistakes along the way!) Elicia discovered what really works and who she needed to be in order to run a successful massage business. Now she takes this blueprint to her clients to build more success and passion.
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
James Crook is a business coach, best-selling author and national presenter on business growth and marketing.

Before moving into his current role as a business coach and marketing trainer, James ran a boutique design and marketing agency for 13 years working with hundreds of small businesses every year (plus a few large businesses and government agencies).

This breadth of experience is backed by a range of formal education including a Degree in Journalism, an Adv Dip in Electronic Design, a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and many other professional development courses covering business, marketing and coaching.

James now brings this marketing and business knowledge to massage and health business owners to help them achieve more success.
With over 700 Coaching Graduates across 7 countries worldwide (and counting!) transforming their business results, raising their income and making a bigger impact in their communities...
you'll be in good company!

Game-changing accelerator program. Inspiring and supportive community. 12 months coaching with Elicia and James.