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What if there was a method, that, once learned, could allow you to scale your impact with your clients and help them just as much outside of the treatment as you do in there?

That could radically transform the time you spend running your business and generating an income?

Would you want to know the method?

Well, I’ve got it.

I’m Elicia and I’ve been running an online business for 6 years and teaching others to do this as well.

I was a face to face practitioner doing massage for 16 years – running my own successful practice when I decided I wanted to create something online to add to my income streams.

When I launched my first course in 2016 I had no idea it would reach over 1000 clients worldwide.

Since then, my partner (James) and I have created 6 courses in total ourselves AND helped many massage therapists just like you create, launch, deliver and sell an online program of their own.

An online course is essential if you want to make a bigger impact... especially right now

When you have your own online course then you have the freedom to scale your income and impact, and really enjoy a deeply satisfying business.

Plus, you can do this to help people remotely, without needing to be in the same room – an amazing bonus during covid times!

Once you know how to do course creation, film videos, host it, market it, sell it and deliver your idea to people...  then you can generate income in your sleep and you no longer have to cap your income to what you can do with 1-1 appointments.

And - best of all - when you do this, you no longer have to worry about lockdowns, inconsistent weeks in your clinic, getting burnt out or getting injured.

Having a successful course online gives you more certainty in your business and makes it easier to have a long term career in this industry.

So that’s what my "Online Mastery Method" course is about... are you ready to go online and create your impact?

Doing this transformed my life (not exaggerating!)

Right now in 2022... I’ve had a coaching business for 6 years and helped over 700 massage therapists with business skills through my online courses – and countless more through my books, videos, podcast, free content and mentoring groups.

And, many of my most successful clients have created their own online program and scaled their impact though course creation.

But when I first started out, I was just a face-to-face therapist in a local clinic in a small town.

I was great at being a therapist but I didn’t know the first thing about how to create a course and I wasn’t even sure I was capable. 

As a dyslexic working mum... let’s just say the tech was not my jam.

Now that we're down the track a little I’m in a different place – I’ve written a book, launched a podcast, delivered over 300 webinars, spoken for Massage Associations and at national conferences, been featured in journals, launched 6 online courses and personally worked with over 700 therapists in 7 countries across the world. 

And it all started with an idea: What if I could teach what I had learned in my career to help other people?

The truth is that you don't need any special training or tech skills to make this happen (I didn't) but you do need to be able to follow a system that can help you break it all down and make it really simple. 

Now, at this point, I am guessing that the big question going through your head is: "but can I really create a course based on the idea in my head?"

Can I really be successful with MY course idea?

When I think about course creation I’m reminded of Kristy Rackham from My Holistic Nurse who was a home schooling mum (with almost zero time) who had been thinking of creating something for years. 

Kristy used the skills, experience and knowledge she was already sharing with clients – and turned it into a 7 week online course.
When Kristy went through our program, she created a course to help her clients overcome stress and anxiety, she developed her marketing material and her sales process and started selling her first program at $1000. 

She had so much success after her first few launches that she’s gone on to create more courses, run retreats and support her family to live the life they choose! 
Kristy Rackham
Kristy Rackham, My Holistic Nurse
Watch Kristy as she shares how she created her online course in a way that made a massive difference for her clients (and her life!)

What if I'm nervous about the technology?

Another example of how the "Online Mastery Method" has helped others is Christine Knox, who was a self-professed "Techno-phobe" who didn’t own a smart phone or laptop before she started working with us. 
Christine has been able create 2 amazing hands on courses and work with therapists to help them learn Remedial Hot stones and how to treat Scars.

The "techno-phobe" Christine now works full time in her online business – and has flexibility with her time AND has generated more profit in 1 year than 3 years combined in a face to face practice.
Kristy Rackham
Christine Knox, CK Massage Training
In this interview Christine tells her story about transitioning from face-to-face therapist to introduce her first online course.

Can this really lead to a more abundant and free lifestyle?

I am guessing you might be thinking that this all sounds pretty amazing, but maybe you are wondering if it actually helps create more time freedom and income – or are you just going to end up doing more work and adding even MORE to your workload?

Don't get me wrong here – I do not believe in "get rich easy" schemes. Results always come from doing the work that is required to give your clients powerful value and change for them in their lives.

But when you can "leverage" your time so that you can help SO MANY people over and over again with your course, it makes a HUGE difference to the balance of where you use your time.
Tim King condensed some of his 25 years of Myotherapy experience and wisdom into a premium online program which teaches other therapists some of his advanced skills.

Tim was able to work with his students remotely part time while he spent a year living in Mauritius with his family doing humanitarian work.
Kristy Rackham
Tim King, King MyoPro
Hear Tim share his experience creating a course that allowed him to work while travelling with his family.
Okay cool! So tell me more about the "Online Mastery Method" Course!
Well, the very first thing you need to know is...
We only have ONE intake per year
and we start with our first LIVE group coaching call on:

Monday 19th September 2022
This program is going to be super interactive, and I make myself available to the participants to help them on their journey, and so that everyone can go through together... registration will only open for a short time. Then we’ll close registration and start the classes! 

So, let's go through all the things you need to know so that you're completely comfortable stepping into this life-changing coaching program right now.




... and you want to go online so that you can give your clients something amazing AND create an income for yourself that doesn't rely on you being able to treat face-to-face...

OR, if you are a TRAINER who usually works face-to-face

... and you want to be more successful with creating your training online (to reach a broader audience and NEVER have a live event cancelled because of travel restrictions ever again)

Then the "Online Mastery Method" is totally for you!

Do any of these feel familiar?

  • You rely on seeing clients face-to-face... and sometimes that feels impossible at the moment
  • You're too busy already... and want to keep earning more but without doing any more treatments
  • You're looking to cut back your hands-on hours... so you can maintain a long-term, sustainable and rewarding career
  • ​You have sometimes thought about creating an online course... but you're not sure exactly how to do it
  • You've EVER felt nervous with tech... and wished someone would take you by the hand to guide you
  • Your clients get GREAT results... and you want to replicate that much bigger and broader

If ANY of the above seem familiar to you...

The "Online Mastery Method" program could be just the answer you've been looking for, to finally break through and create the lifestyle you desire.

Okay, so the next thing you might want to see is...
Basically, the "ONLINE MASTERY METHOD" gives you EVERYTHING you need to finally create the online course you've been dreaming about, so you can break through with your business impact, money & time, and create a deeply rewarding business.
SOLID: Elicia and James have 5+ years of experience specifically showing massage and allied health professionals how to create a successful online course to grow their impact and income.

RELEVANT: The "Online Mastery Method" is the ONLY business program that is created by experienced and fully qualified trainers, who have worked in the massage industry for decades and taught massage and business skills for higher education and privately, to thousands of practitioners worldwide.

FUN: Not only do you receive the skills and tactics needed to improve your business results and confidence but you get to participate in a fun and practical learning environment with a community of like-minded and like-hearted members around you.
Kristy Rackham
Elicia and James Crook
Business Coaches for Massage Therapists

Teaching manual therapists how to create a successful online program
Here's how the "Online Mastery Method" course is delivered


  • Live group coaching calls throughout the program so you can stay motivated and clear
  • Personal feedback and answers to any questions you have in our private Facebook group
  • Using our "ONLINE MASTERY METHOD" framework to give you the most potent steps you can take for launching your course successfully


  • Practical and clear step-by-step videos guide you through each module so you can easily follow along
  • Simple instructions which break down complicated ideas into small steps so you can take action easily
  • LIFETIME access to all the content so you can revisit any topic at your own pace or when you might need it again in the future


  • Being with like-minded and like-hearted people builds momentum and inspiration
  • Every intake has a private Facebook group with daily steps, feedback and connection
  • Live calls allow you to connect with the whole group as well as Elicia and James
The 8 Week "Online Mastery Method" Framework

Week 1

Ecosystem Mastery

Get crystal clear on who you are serving and how your course will sit within your business ecosystem

Week 2

Transformation Mastery

Uncover the DNA of your course and design how you will share your magic to your ideal participants

Week 3

Program Mastery

Use our proprietary system to create your content and set up a seamless learning space

Week 4


Live coaching calls this week for connection and feedback so you can keep on track with action

Week 5

Funnel Mastery

See how to build a simple step-by-step client attraction funnel so that it's easy and authentic

Week 6

Conversion Mastery

Discover where to find your future clients and connect with them to create organic and natural sales

Week 7


Live coaching calls this week for connection and feedback so you can keep on track with action

Week 8

Advanced Mastery

Sustainable strategies for you to grow your success long-term and continue to scale your impact
If YOU are ready to launch your online course SUCCESSFULLY and add a whole new income stream to your business...

The "Online Mastery Method" program could be just the answer you've been looking for, to finally break through and create the lifestyle you desire.

Game-changing coaching program. Lifetime access. Coaching with Elicia and James.

Fully Booked Without Burnout
Together, Elicia and James Crook are business coaches, trainers, authors and mentors to hundreds of massage and health professionals.

They have a passion to change lives and impact the health of the world by empowering health professionals to serve.
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Elicia Crook is a business coach and mentor, sharing the tactics she used to create her business success over 16 years.

Elicia grew her massage business from where she started – working on family and friends in her lounge room – to at one point having a clinic with nine staff and doing 100+ treatments per week across the team.

Elicia is a Diploma qualified remedial massage therapist as well as using modalities such as Bowen and Craniosacral, and has a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment which she used while teaching massage for several years.

Through her career and business experience (and by making many mistakes along the way!) Elicia discovered what really works and who she needed to be in order to run a successful massage business. Now she takes this blueprint to her clients to build more success and passion.
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
Fully Booked Without Burnout
James Crook is a business coach, best-selling author and national presenter on business growth and marketing.

Before moving into his current role as a business coach and marketing trainer, James ran a boutique design and marketing agency for 13 years working with hundreds of small businesses every year (plus a few large businesses and government agencies).

This incredible breadth of experience is backed by a range of formal education including a Degree in Journalism, an Adv Dip in Electronic Design, a Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and various other professional development courses covering business, marketing and coaching.

James now brings this marketing and business knowledge to small business owners to help them achieve more in their business.
With over 700 Coaching Graduates across 7 countries worldwide (and counting!) transforming their business results, raising their income and making a bigger impact in their communities...
you'll be in good company!

Game-changing coaching program. Lifetime access. Coaching with Elicia and James.